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Shyy Alyice 

Be on the lookout for my first single "Get Money" in the coming weeks.  I've been rapping for a lot of my young life, missing tons of activities with my friends in an effort to hone my craft.  You're about the see how much sacrifice I've endured.  I'm hoping for the best, Ya'll.   

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Shyy Alyice is a phenomenal rapper based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  There no shortage of music coming from this much acclaim rapper.  As a matter-of-fact, her father and mother looked into her bright little eyes at birth and new she would be a star, which is why they decided to name her Sade because they KNEW one day she would be just that.  And it's no surprise  to the viewing masses as her followers continue to grow and her star continues to climb. 


Shyy grew up as the middle child of four, she was always humble and very shy, avoiding the spotlight, but that star always followed her; from performing in school talent shows or family get gatherings.  As she transitioned from primary school to junior high, it became very challenging, dealing with the issues our youth deal with today.  But she survived by writing about it without realizing this was her natural talent that would one day be music everyone would come to enjoy.  Enduring a lot of painful dramatic changes from seeing her peers being sentenced to life and dying at early ages, she felt like she needed to take a stand and be the voice and set a new Trend for her own generation.  

Shyy started making plans. She understood if she was going to execute her dream she had to be where the action was.  With her mom in agreement, the family made a big move. They landed in Atlanta, Georgia, where she had no friends, she had to adjust, but this time things would be different.  Shyy and her Mom Manager realized Atlanta had a lot of opportunities and they wanted to take full advantage of every possibility.  She was soon introduced to Mark Briscoe the CEO of Emarc entertainment. Mark began mentoring her, he introduced her to Antone who she calls uncle Puff who spent countless hours helping and guiding her to realize the talent she needed to shine in the music industry.

eMarc began booking shows from north, east, west and south.  Shyy entertained and perform building fans from all over. Shyy has been inspired by the Queen of the south - Trina, the Baddest, The Queen, Nikki Minaj, R.I.P king Von, lil Durk and she loves her some Beyoncé, just to mention a few.  But she's a fan of all music and cultural dancing. Shyy still continues to write and be motivated by her surroundings and wants to inspire her own peers to be the leaders of the new school to end the violence, depression, and bullying. 

Shyy has a passionate love for animals and fights against all animal abuse. She has volunteered in rescuing animals and continues to. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family. Shyy is definitely on go mode, making all of your favorite music and dances by bringing back those hip hop vibes.


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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