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Tezz Cart'R
Igniting An International Fire


From the captivating shores of Saint Michael, Barbados, emerges an unparalleled talent, Martez Mark Anthony Carter, universally acclaimed as Tezz Cart'R. With his Caribbean roots infusing a distinctive, soulful spice into his R&B repertoire, 


Tezz started captivating audiences from the tender age of 9. His music, a harmonious blend of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and Soul, radiates influences from an array of iconic artists - Charlie Wilson, Chris Brown, William Singe, Rihanna, and Russ. 


Tezz's first EP, "Purpose", an exquisite manifestation of his unique beats, was brought to life at Audio Labb Studios in Barbados. Reverberating through platforms like Apple Music, iTunes, Google Music, and Spotify, it encapsulates his versatile artistry through hits like 'Live Your Life,' 'I Love To Party,' 'Why,' and 'Fire In You.' 


Beyond his musical prowess, Tezz's charisma extends to modeling and acting. He has owned the stage in prestigious pageants, ranking in the top 2 consistently. Also an accepted student of the illustrious Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts, Tezz strides fearlessly towards his dreams. As a testament to his versatility, he's set to launch his modeling career in a Trinidadian magazine.


Immersed in this relentless pursuit of passion, Tezz joined forces with the forward-thinking eMarc Entertainment. Together with Bungalo Records & Universal Music Group, they're set to revolutionize the music industry, spearheading a new wave of emerging artists. 


The enchanting saga of Tezz Cart'R is punctuated with standout moments, such as meeting Justin Bieber in Manhattan, a testament to his increasing recognition in the music world. Through the power of his intricate vocal stylings and mesmerizing cover records, he's been wowing audiences and setting the stage for becoming the next big star in R&B music. Join Tezz as he composes the next chapter of this captivating journey, intertwining his story with the rhythm of his life and soul of his music.


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