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Ynot the King


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Antonio (Tony) Shaw is also known as Ynot The King was born in Detroit, MI in 1995. At the age of 11, his mom moved him and his family to Tampa, Florida where Tony would eventually become Ynot. Growing up in two much different environments help create the unique sound and style for the Ynot. Throughout middle school and high school Ynot had a job, unlike most kids his age he would work to help bring money In for bills and school clothes so his mom didn’t struggle too much with his 9 siblings. Ynot worked every day of the week getting paid every week he made enough money to go shopping every weekend to buy 5 outfits for the next 5 days of school. Ynot never repeated an outfit throughout high school which would eventually give him notice by his peers and won the best dress of all students. 


Ynot has always had a unique style and demeanor about him his peers would say. So growing up he was always compared to how the rappers looked. Being compared to them made him want to give rapping a chance since he fit the description he, later on, became one. A lot of potential in him but only a few people would hear his music. Until one day a close friend of Ynot told him he should take this seriously because he can see Ynot going far with music. Ynot always took a leap of faith and join a music group with some friends from around the neighborhood. The group didn’t work out for Ynot as there were too many egos and no one could decide on a leader to lead. So Ynot left to lead his own career in music. He decided to move to Atlanta to find a better chance at making it in the industry. He moved to Atlanta got himself situated and now is headed in the right direction as many different labels and executives look towards him. As an independent Artist Ynot is still continuing his journey to become one of the greatest Artists of the generation.

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